Anfotal Nutrition is manufacturer and supplier of wide range of aquaculture products that are focused on nutritions, health and growth. We continuoulsy innovate our products with one focus that is driven to fulfill the need and requirement of our customers efficiently and economically.

At, Anfotal Nutritions the mission consist of 4 P's
Priorities: Providing the most economical and efficiecnt products to our people.
People: Our source of strength is our people. We Exists only because of them.
Products: We Provide unmatched quality of product which is easy to get, efficinet and trustworthy.
Profits: We provide products that fulfills the need of our people and desist from profiteering.

The only vision of Anfotal Nutritions is to be respected globally and provide continuously much more effective nutritional products, which improves our customer lives and gain loyality and trustworthy.

Our Certification

We love to make deals with you and we are always ready to support at each step you take. Our deals provide an opportunity to grow.

Our Team

We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Best Quality of Animal feed supplement for animals. Our main focus is to provide premium products.

We are professional

Our team has professional employees which are totally dedicated and customer-oriented in providing the best services and products to you.

Best quality services

Anfotal Nutritions an ISO and GMP certified company where we are dedicated in providing the best high-quality feed supplements for animals.